Sooner Plains Ag carries the products you need to make your farming and ranching business a success.  For pricing, orders, or questions on any of these products, please contact the helpful employees at Sooner Plains Ag 

Field Sales and Delivery for all products Leo Voth 580-227-7777

Field Sales and Delivery for all products BJ Waeger 405-226-3125

Chemical Contracting and Fertilizer Contracting Austin Detrick 580-227-4423

Okeene Fertilizer, Chemical, and Application   Dean Wilson   580-822-4427 

Okeene Feed, Farm Supply, and Tires   Karl Cox   580-822-4427 

Loyal Feed, Fertilizer, Chemical, and Application  Wade Heldermon 405-729-4257  

Fairview Feed, Fertilizer, Chemical, and Application   Shane Green   580-227-4450 

Hitchcock Feed, Farm Supply, and Tires   

Grain Marketing and Contracting   Okeene Office   580-822-4423 

Convenience Store   Hazel Voth   580-227-2480

Pelleted Lime 
Liquid Nitrogen 


Unleaded Gas 
Road Diesel 
Farm Diesel 
AFD Fuel Delivery
Bulk Oil Delivery  


Forward Delivery Contract 
Basis Contract 
Price Later Contract 
Hedge to Arrive Contract 
Minimum Price Contract 
Grain Receiving & Storage 
Convenience Store
Food & Drinks 
Daily Lunch Specials 
Breakfast Options 
Road Diesel 
Farm Supply
Oil & Grease 
Baling Supplies 
Wood Posts 
Steel Posts 
Electric Fencing 
Barb Wire 
Animal Health 
Automotive Batteries 
Lawn & Garden Supplies 
Okeene Tire Shop
Tire Repair 
Car & pickup Tires 
Tractor Tires 
Implement Tires 
Oil Changes 
Automotive Batteries